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Title Loans That Don't Require The Car

You might have thought of a car title loan if you need money in your bank account urgently to pay off upcoming debts. However, is it possible to obtain a title loan without keeping your car in Colorado? Learn more about the auto title loan procedure in the next paragraphs, along with the approval for a physical vehicle inspection. There are many other alternative loan possibilities available, so carefully weigh your options before deciding on a final financial course of action.

How do car title loans without the car work?

A secured loan that is available in most states of America is a car title loan. You can apply for a title loan in Colorado online or in person at a participating provider. If you wish to take out a car title loan, the lender will require a lien-free title in your name. The online title loan provider can offer hassle-free cash if the vehicle is free of liens.

The advantage of Colorado’s automobile title loans is that virtually anyone may be eligible. Having a high credit score is not necessary for secured loans because the lending risk is minimal. If the equity in your car is high enough, you might be permitted to take out a loan.

What are the rates and terms for a car title loans with no car?

The amount of the auto title loan is determined by the vehicle’s current selling value. Applicants in Colorado may be able to get thousands of dollars for any kind of financing if they own a well-maintained popular model. However, you might not be eligible for auto title loans in Colorado if your vehicle is older and has structural or aesthetic issues. Lenders may request an in-person car examination to confirm the condition. You must upload crystal-clear photos of the vehicle if you apply for an online car title loan.

Each Colorado’s lender sets his own terms for online title loans repayment. However, title loan customers often have a few years or a few months to repay the amount. The fact that interest rates on automobile title loans can be high is one of their main drawbacks. Although online title loans have high approval rates, the cost of borrowing can make it difficult for some borrowers to make repayments.

Do title loan lenders require the car?

Many online title loan lenders in Colorado demand that customers give up use of their vehicle. Drive the car to a secure lot when a lender gives you the approval for a title loan. The car won’t be released until the borrower has fully returned the amount of online title loan.

Even a brief loss of ownership of your car might cause serious disruptions in your daily routine. Many people depend on a transportation to get to work on time, drop off kids at school, and do short trips. Your quality of life could suffer if you just own one car. Although they might not necessarily require ownership of the car, online title loan lenders might offer more costs in exchange for convenience.

However, you can discover a title loan provider online that will lend you money without the automobile being present.

These online title loans do, however, need proof that the car belongs to you and is in reasonable condition. By definition, a car-title secured loan requires you to give the lender the lien-free title in exchange for the ability to borrow money. A lien-free automobile is one that completely lacks any financial claims from third parties.

What documents do I need to provide for a car title loan in Colorado?

Generally speaking, the requirements needed to be accepted for a car title loan without the automobile being physically present in Colorado are quite simple. You should:

  1. be of legal age
  2. complete an application (often you can apply online)
  3. possess the title to your vehicle
  4. have legal identification issued by the government
  5. publish thorough images of the car, truck, or motorcycle, along with the VIN label.

Sometimes a credit check or other background is not required, but in some circumstances you may need to provide verification of your income. After providing the title, if you are authorized for the title loan, you can typically have the loan funds placed in your bank account the same day or the following business day. Until you pay back the debt in full plus interest, the title loan lender will retain ownership of the vehicle.


When you’re short on cash, title loans in Colorado can be a great choice to think about because they let the borrower use their assets as collateral. With a title loan, the value of your car will be more important than your credit history when determining if you are approved.

You only need to send a few pictures of your automobile to acquire a title loan without having to provide your vehicle. Make sure your images of the vehicle are clear, show it from a variety of angles, and include the vehicle’s VIN.

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